Help us raise $100,000 on Colorado Gives Day

fb-blogThe 7th Annual Colorado Gives Day is coming up on December 6th and we need your help in a big way!

Colorado Gives Day is a statewide movement designed to increase philanthropy through online donations by encouraging the entire state to work together to fund vital nonprofits in our communities.

Our goal for Colorado Gives day is to raise $100,000 in one day, December 6th; we will need your help to do this. Easy ways you can join the movement include:

  • Schedule your donation to the Food Bank for Larimer County in advance.
  • Donate here on December 6th.
  • Share our social posts regarding Colorado Gives Day with your friends and family to increase awareness.
  • Join our email newsletter list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date and follow our progress on Colorado Gives Day.

On Colorado Gives Day, please give the perfect gift! It will feed our friends and neighbors in the community this holiday season and provide health, security, hope, comfort, and stability to those in need.

Learn more about the Food Bank’s Colorado Gives Day campaign here and please consider giving the perfect gift on December 6th

.Colorado Gives Day

Great Things Happen When Our Community Comes Together

Food Bank for Larimer County Annual Turkey DriveLast week, the outpouring of community support for the Food Bank was overwhelming. On Monday morning we faced a near empty freezer, with only 300 turkeys out of the 2,500 turkeys we were hoping to distribute to our nonprofit partners. Not wanting to give up hope, we put out a call to our friends in the local media and shared our dilemma with our social networks.

And then the magic happened! Over the course of two days, the community responded in the most energizing and generous way possible. Our freezer went from 300 turkeys to 3,700! We surpassed our goal, leaving us beyond grateful and also thrilled to be able to distribute more turkeys to more families in need this holiday season.

Full freezer following Turkey Drive for Larimer county Food BankThe success of this year’s turkey drive is just one example of the character of our community. It also serves as a reminder that great things happen when we come together. We are more confident than ever before that we can work together to address additional challenges, like making sure everyone has enough to eat every day; a safe place to live; access to the healthcare they need; and affordable childcare.

We encourage everyone in Larimer County to keep up the momentum from this year’s turkey drive and band together to find solutions to challenges facing our community both large and small. And please, continue to look for ways to make a positive impact whether it’s by donating your time or your treasure or your ideas. When we work together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.


Dip JarThe Food Bank for Larimer County has a new donation collection tool called the Dip Jar. It’s like an old-fashioned tip or collection jar, but instead of actually sliding cash in the slot, users simply ‘dip’ their credit card in the card-reader and $5 will automatically be donated to the Food Bank.

The Food Bank for Larimer County will be passing the dip jar to businesses around the community, starting at the Fort Collins Innosphere building and moving on from there every three days.

We need your help to make the Dip Jar a success; join in on the fun:

  • If you see the Dip Jar around, please consider donating to the Food Bank this way.
  • Follow the Dip Jar on social media with the hashtags #passthedipjar and #wheresthedipjar to help us support and thank the businesses who are supporting the Food Bank.
  • Tell your friends about the Dip Jar and ask them to participate if they see it.
  • Share, RT, and ‘Like’ social posts about the Dip Jar so more people in our community will learn about it.
  • Take a photo, shoot a video, or mention you are supporting the Food Bank by tagging us in your posts and by using the Dip Jar Hashtags.

For every $5 the Food Bank collects, we’ll provide a family of four a meal this holiday season; the more people who ‘dip’ the more meals  we can provide to our friends and neighbors.

Find the Dip Jar and share the love!


If you would like to have the Dip Jar at your office or business, please fill out this form.

Volunteering = Giving Back


After retiring a few years ago, Beth McTernan and Diana Christopherson shared a common goal.  Both wanted to volunteer their time in order to give back to the community. Their ambition led them to join the Food Bank volunteer team.

“I’ve always been concerned about food insecurity,” shared Beth. “Volunteering at the Food Bank has allowed me to take action and help connect people with the food they need.”

Beth and Diana met as volunteers at our guest check-in desk at our Fort Collins Food Share pantry. The women volunteer for three hours each week. They agree that the best part of volunteering at check-in is interacting with guests and making sure everyone feels welcome.

“I enjoy greeting guests with a big smile and making them feel comfortable,” said Diana.

Beth agrees that it’s important to make each guest feel at ease. “It’s not easy to come to the Food Bank for the first time. I try to reassure guests that it’s okay. I also like to make sure that everyone is familiar with what the Food Bank does and other resources that are available.”

Over the years, Beth and Diana have come to know Food Share guests and have taken the time to learn their stories. However, they are still surprised at the number of seniors and veterans who walk through the doors. “I just always assumed they were taken care of, but now I know it’s getting harder to make ends meet” commented Diana.

Beth and Diana agree that all of the guests are grateful to have a place to get good, fresh food.

“At the end of the day, I hope I’ve made a difference and made people feel better,” said Beth.