Be a Hero: Help Us Raise 60k in 60hrs with a Matching Campaign

60k in 60 hrs - Food Bank for Larimer County

We did it! Thanks to your generosity, the Food Bank exceeded its goal of raising $30,000 in its $60k in 60 Hours year-end match. Because of you and a matching donation from two local brothers, the Food Bank for Larimer County raised more than $60,000 to feed children, families, and seniors.

Thanks to all of our supporters who gave and helped spread the word for this last-minute event. Your gift will make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families who will come to rely on the Food Bank in 2018.

Senior Meal Program: Feeding Body and Soul

In Larimer County alone, as many as 8.4% of seniors are food insecure – meaning they do not always know where their next meal will come from. The Food Bank for Larimer County estimates this number is growing as more and more are reaching the point where they are unable to work. The problem is only exacerbated by the rising cost of housing and medical care. Furthermore, lack of transportation and mobility issues leave many seniors feeling isolated and alone.

Friends enjoy the hot senior meals at the Northside Aztlan Community Center.

To combat this growing problem, the Food Bank for Larimer County has partnered with Volunteers of America (VOA) to provide meals for seniors through a Senior Meal program. VOA has been managing senior meal programs in Larimer County for over 10 years, with the Food Bank providing meals since 2016. In that time, the Food Bank has prepared more than 25,000 senior meals for VOA Partner Sites. Each of these sites provides hot meals to seniors up to five days per week and gives older individuals a chance to make connections and enjoy community.

Many of the guests rely on the hot meals to get by, but more so, these meals are also an important place to socialize. The groups often play bingo, take field trips, and enjoy each other’s company; without the weekly meals, they would not have the opportunity to get out as often. These meals represent more than just food, but a sense of community as well.

As the caterer for the program, the Food Bank prepares hot, nutritious meals in its community kitchen for VOA to deliver to its eight Senior Meal sites throughout Larimer County. The Food Bank works with staff from VOA to plan a variety of meals, including beef, chicken, vegetables, salad, bread and milk. Volunteers from the groups serve and clean up after the meals.

Julie, a Senior Meal program guest, enjoys the food and company at the Northside Aztlan Community Center in Fort Collins, CO.

The food and sense of community gained through these shared meals are invaluable for the seniors in our community. They not only feed the body, but the soul as well. Senior meals are available to all 60+ years of ages; a small donation of $2.50 is requested, but not required. To see a full list of locations and times, click here.

The Food Bank also provides additional boxes of food to seniors through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, also known as the Senior Food Box Program. This is a federal food program, designed to improve the health of senior citizens. Food for the program is provided by the USDA’s Agency of Food and Nutrition Service and given out once per month to seniors through our Food Share locations.

Your support of the Food Bank for Larimer County allows us to work with partners like VOA to end hunger among the most vulnerable in the community, seniors. Together we can solve senior hunger, ensuring no one has to worry where their next meal will come from.

Everyday Should be Pie Day

Who doesn’t like pie? That’s a question Debbie Lugo asked herself shortly after moving to Fort Collins from Austin, TX. She and her husband Paul had moved to Colorado to be closer to their daughter studying at CSU.

“Sometimes the winter months can get long and we were looking for a way to brighten up the days,” Debbie said. “We found out that there is actually a National Pie Day in January and that’s how our Pie Day Party started.”

The concept of the Pie Day Party is simple: Invite a bunch of friends over, ask them to bring delicious pies and a donation for the Food bank for Larimer County, then eat the pies. Some of the parties have had as many as 45 guests, and usually include a few not-so-well-known pies.

“It seems that a lemon meringue pie usually shows up and we’ve had frittatas, quiches, pizzas and even a treatise on pi brought by one of my engineering cousins,” Debbie said. “It’s not unusual for an apple pie to arrive sporting the Greek pi symbol in the crust.”

Pie Party - Food Bank for Larimer CountyDebbie is not quite sure how she and her husband decided to incorporate the Food Bank into the parties, other than “it seemed like a good idea to share our good fortune,” she said. The Lugo’s good fortune has become the Food Bank’s good fortune as the Pie Day Party has become an annual event. Since 2008, Debbie, Paul and their friends have raised more than $5,250 and donated nearly 1,000 pounds of food to the Food Bank.

With results like that, Debbie, Paul and the Pie Day Party really take the cake.

Not everyone has to make pies or host parties to contribute to the Food Bank for Larimer County. Everything from simple fundraisers to online donations and volunteer shifts make a world of difference in the lives of the hungry in our community. There are many ways you can get involved and support our fight against hunger. Please consider volunteering at the Food Bank or donating to help us end hunger right here in Larimer County.

Thank YOU For Supporting the Food Bank this Holiday Season

Holiday Thank You

On behalf of the entire Food Bank staff, we’re sending each and every one of you a BIG thank you for all the support this holiday season.

Whether you gave during our $60K in 60 Hours event, donated a turkey this Thanksgiving, or gave in honor of someone else, we simply could not continue the fight against hunger with out your continued support and for that we are extremely grateful. Unfortunately, just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean hunger has ended. We will continue to utilize your support and funds to ensure no child, senior, or family faces an empty plate.


For many, the holidays provide added stress and financial strain. For families, children, and seniors the joy of the holiday season is eclipsed by the lack of food on the table.

This holiday season, there are many ways you can give the gift of hope to those in need. Join us in fighting hunger this holiday season:

    • Donate to the Food Bank for Larimer County. For every $1 we receive in donations, we are able to provide $5 worth of food to those in need. Your contributions go a long way to help us fight hunger in our community.
    • Send a Holiday Tribute Card.  In lieu of a traditional gift, your $15 donation to the Food Bank for Larimer County is a great way to honor friends, family, coworkers or clients. More importantly, it will provide $75 worth of food to families in need. For each $15 donation, we will send a colorful thank you card on your behalf.
    • Host a Food or Fund Drive on behalf of the Food Bank for Larimer County. Community sponsored fund and food drives are vital to Food Bank operations. Contributions from businesses, schools, churches, community organizations and individuals generate thousands of meals for families, children and seniors each year and the holidays are a perfect time to organize your drive.
    • Spread the Word! Help us spread the word about fighting hunger this holiday season. Find us on Facebook or join our email newsletter list and share our news with your network to help us build awareness for fighting hunger in our community.
    • Remember the Food Bank in your Year-End Giving. By making a tax-deductible year-end gift to the Food Bank for Larimer County, you’ll help us stabilize the lives of the people we serve. When families worry less about having enough to eat, they can focus their energies and resources on their futures.

No gift is too small; for every $1 donated, we provide $5 worth of food to those in need. 

As our population grows and ages and the costs of housing, childcare, education, medical and other expenses stretch beyond paychecks, we know our work will continue to be vital in this community. The holiday season is no different. Our dream for the coming years is to provide not just food, but also hope to stabilize the lives of our clients and help them on a path to self-sufficiency which will build a vibrant community for all.

Please join us in providing the gift of hopeful and full holiday season for all this year!

Save the Date: Empty Bowls – Feb. 15, 2018!