Hunger in Larimer County

Hunger in Larimer County often goes unnoticed. We live in a great community, so it’s easy to overlook hunger when it doesn’t touch you or someone you love. That’s because hunger hides behind closed doors. It lives in the home of a single mother who skips dinner to make sure her children have enough to eat. It lives in the apartment of the grandfather who has to choose between a meal and taking his medicine. It lives in the bedroom of a young child who has to make it all night without food until the next school day when she knows she will be fed.

  • 1O.9% Larimer County residents live at or below the Federal Poverty guideline.
  • 38,040 Larimer County residents are food insecure.
  • 8.4%  of seniors are food insecure.
  • 21.6% of single mothers live in poverty.
  • 32% of school-aged children in Larimer County receive free or reduced meals.

Future Need

Food Bank for Larimer County recently completed a six-month project to analyze our current level of service and determine any gaps to help plan our programming strategies over the next 20 years. To further plan for our future, we also examined county population growth projections. Based on our analysis, we project that we will need to provide enough food for 12.2 million meals each year by 2035 (a 65% increase over 2015).