This is Kate. Kate is hungry. Her dad lost his job and her family is about to lose their home. They’re struggling to put food on the table. Kate represents many of the clients we serve at the Food Bank. As the economy improves, many might assume that hunger is no longer an issue in Larimer County, but the fact is, we are still serving between 12,000 and 13,000 individuals per month through our Food Share program. In addition, demand for our child nutrition programs is stronger than ever as more than 1 in 3 children in Larimer County are at risk of hunger – kids like Kate. The “Hungry Kate” campaign was created to raise awareness of the many families in our nation struggling with hunger. It includes a two-minute animated video which offers a simple, but powerful, message illustrating a problem and a solution. It makes the viewer stop and think; realize that hunger is all around us and how a simple sacrifice can make a big difference.


Invite Kate to meet your group!

If you would like to bring the “Hungry Kate” presentation to your group to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in our community, please email Lauren Ross Dewey.


Watch the Kate video! (EMBED)