Blue Spruce Pantry Renovation Wraps Up

With the installation of the new automated glass entrance and exit doors, the Food Bank for Larimer County officially completed the renovation of its Fresh Food Pantry located on Blue Spruce Drive in Fort Collins. The doors were the last item to be checked off the list of a construction project that began in early January.

The goal of the project was to overhaul the interior of the Blue Spruce Drive pantry, creating an improved experience for all who visit. Based on client feedback, the goal was achieved. Many Food Bank clients have commented how much more open and airy the new layout is. They also like the reconfiguration of the check-in area, allowing more clients to line up inside and out of the elements. The automated doors are especially appreciated by mothers and seniors who no longer have to push loaded shopping carts and strollers through heavy metal doors.

The bulk of the construction was completed in about seven weeks, but the new design of the pantry is very modular, meaning the Food Bank can continue to tweak the layout for maximum efficiency.

Beginning in early March, the Blue Spruce Drive pantry returned to normal business hours, M-F, 12-6 pm.

Blue Spruce Drive pantry construction

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