Food Link Partners Extend Our Reach

Harvest Farm

A shopper from Harvest Farm, a rehabilitation center for men, checks out in Food Link. Harvest Farm provides three meals per day for its 72 residents. Today’s order was 1,945 pounds for $209.49. 

The Food Bank partners with over 85 non-profit organizations in the community, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, snack programs, childcare and residential programs and centers for the disabled. The Food Bank provides quality food to our partner agencies for a shared maintenance fee ($.19 per pound or less and produce and bread is free). This fee helps pay for the transportation costs of acquiring the food as well as safe handling, storage and related expenses. Our partners distribute the food and/or provide meals to low-income and at-risk populations at sites throughout the county. Thanks to our partners, food for 1.1 million additional meals reaches our neighbors needing assistance. Each year, our Food Link program saves our partner agencies over $2 million in food costs allowing them to direct these savings toward programming.

Visit here for a list of partners.