Your Support Matters: Food Bank Guest Stories

Your continued support of the Food Bank for Larimer County really does matter. For every $1 donated, we are able to provide $5 worth of food to children, seniors, and families facing hunger every day. Many families rely on the Food Bank to eat and without your support, they would simply go hungry.

See the faces of hunger in our community and learn more about how your support helps them and their families, exactly where they need it most:

James, Food Bank Guest


James is an 81 year old guest of the Food Bank for Larimer County. He works part-time and is currently looking for full-time work because his Social Security benefits and savings are not enough to make ends meet. He has worked for decades as a painter, plumber, and electrician but is having trouble finding a steady job. James uses the money he saves on food to cover his fuel traveling to and from jobs and looking for work. James said, “I appreciate the help of the Food Bank and love the good quality food here.”


Linda lives with her husband and her daughter who is a single-mother daughter of two. The family does not qualify for Food Stamps and the Food Bank has been a, “huge blessing to feed their family.” Linda comes in weekly for food and especially diapers for her granddaughter, “They are a lifesaver.”

Allie, Food Bank Guest


“The Food Bank takes off a lot of pressure off of me. I am able to afford my monthly student loan payment and worry less about also buying food,” Allie, a 25 year old Food Bank guest, said. Despite working full-time, Allie and her partner rely on the food savings to afford to live in Northern Colorado. She loves the diversity of the Food Bank and enjoys the conversations and connections she’s able to make with other guests.


As a result of the rising housing costs in Larimer County, nearly all of Rebecca’s paycheck is eaten up by paying rent and filling her car with gas, despite her full-time job. She has little left for food or other expenses by the end of the month. “The Food Bank helps me eat much healthier than I could on my own. I worry less about food by coming here.” She also mentioned, “I LOVE the books available; it’s my only source of entertainment.”


Mike, a disabled Veteran, frequents the Food Bank to help put food on the table for his family including his wife, step-daughter, and grandson. “The Food Bank is a tremendous help for us and we’re thankful for all the good food we get here.”

Please consider a monthly, recurring donation to the Food Bank for Larimer County, volunteering or supporting us with a one-time donation to continue our mission of a hunger-free Larimer County.  By making a contribution, at any level, you will help us stabilize the lives of the people we serve. When families worry less about having enough to eat, they can focus their energies and resources on their futures; giving us all a brighter and more vibrant community.