Tough Choices

The lines we see during the long, cold days of winter remind that many of our clients, who are already struggling to make ends meet, face tough choices every day. Food or heat? Food or childcare? Food or rent? Food or medicine? Whatever their situation happens to be, these families and individuals don’t have enough money to buy food and sometimes have to skip meals or make a simple sandwich last an entire day.

Fortunately, with the help of supporters like you, we are able to provide food to our neighbors in need. Clients can visit our Food Share pantry twice each week to acquire fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, milk and bread. Our services allow our clients to use their limited funds for housing, transportation to get to work, heat or other necessities.

The 2014 Hunger in America Study conducted by Feeding America, revealed the face tough choices our clients face:* 

  • 79% had to choose between food and medicine/medical care

  • 76% had to choose between food and utilities

  • 67% had to choose between food and transportation

  • 54% had to choose between food and housing

  • 39% had to choose between food and student loans or tuition

*Choices clients reported making in the past 12 months.

What would you choose?

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