Food Bank Safety Tips

Safety is a priority at the Food Bank. Whether it’s a client, volunteer or team member, safety is always the goal. With that in mind, Operations Manager Heather Womack serves up useful safety tips to keep in mind when you are at the Food Bank – or anywhere else.

Prevent Accidents Through Safety Awareness

Be Aware of Safety Hazards

Most accidents are caused by an unsafe act, an unsafe working condition or a combination of the two.

Don’t Cut Safety Corners

The first step to keeping yourself and others safe is to stay alert on the job and don’t let routine or familiarity lure you into carelessness. Always observe safety precautions before and during a task, even if the task seems like a simple one. This includes cleaning up after a task—items left where someone could trip on them or that are improperly stored can cause an accident.

Practice Safety

Next, know your job and your workplace. Be aware of any safety precautions for tasks you perform and be on the lookout for safety hazards around the office. Even a task as routine as making coffee could be hazardous if the cord is damaged or the machine malfunctions.

Get Involved

And finally, make a personal contribution. A good way to start this is to follow all safety rules, even if you think they are unnecessary or slow you down. Certain rules in the workplace are made for your protection, so follow them. In an environment that many don’t consider dangerous, the most important action is to be alert for any unsafe conditions and to fix or report them immediately.

Develop a safe attitude! This is probably one of the most difficult things to recognize because most of us have the mistaken notion that it’s always someone else who gets hurt, never us. If we all do our share in observing safety rules and staying alert for unsafe conditions, everyone will benefit.