Virtual Food Drive

Virtual food drives are a fun and convenient way to raise money for the Food Bank. It saves you a trip to the store, and thanks to our purchasing power and efficient distribution, a virtual food drive gifts provide more food than a traditional food drive – maximizing the amount of food your dollar can provide! Did you know that the average can of black beans cost $1 at the grocery store? For that same dollar, the Food Bank can provide 2 meals for someone in need.

$1 = 2 Meals for Someone in Need

Virtual food drives can be personalized for any company or event and are the most efficient and hassle-free way to provide food for your neighbors in need. To set up your customized Virtual Food Drive, email Nancy Tafoya.

It’s easy!

Sign up a group and create teams to promote some friendly competition for a great cause! As a bonus, you’ll feel great—we “virtually” guarantee it! Families, businesses, religious organizations, schools, soccer teams, fraternities, and weddings have signed up as groups—the possibilities are endless.


Sign up as an individual and challenge your friends and neighbors to match your shopping prowess (not to mention your generosity).

Why a Virtual Food Drive?

  1. It’s the greenest (and easiest) of all food drives
  2. You save the Food Bank precious resources – schedulers, drivers, food sorters and fuel
  3. Your donations allow us to purchase our most-needed items
  4. You’ll get the biggest bang for your donation buck!