Client Stories

Food Bank client Lisa.

Lisa likes the “surprises” she finds at the Food Bank.


When asked why she shops at the Food Bank, Lisa simply says, “Because I need to. I can’t afford the cost of groceries.” The food she gets at the Food Bank helps her save money for other expenses like repairs for her car.

Lisa has been visiting the Food Bank for about two years and thinks it’s been terrific. Occasionally, she even gets a bit of a surprise. “We love to make tacos and one time I stopped in on the chance I would find some tortilla chips. Wouldn’t you know, I was able to grab a bag of Tostitos to go with dinner that night.”

Food Bank client Nora.

Nora says the Food Bank is “a big help.”


“I’ve been coming to the food bank for several years and it’s been a great help,” says Nora. “The food is really great and we get items like meat, chicken, and seafood.”

Like so many in our community, COVID-19 changed things for Nora and her family. “When the Coronavirus pandemic started, I left my job because I was very scared,” she says. “Now only my husband works, so we budget a lot and the Food Bank really helps us save money for other needs.” Adding, “The food bank helps us a lot, especially for a big family like mine. It’s a blessing.”

Food Bank client Robin.

Milk, eggs, and bread for Robin, please.


“Robin has been shopping at the Food Bank’s Loveland pantry for about two years and says the staff and volunteers are just “awesome.” During the pandemic she has missed being able to shop for the food herself. “I miss the client choice. I miss the people inside,” she says. “I use about 90% of the food I receive and what I can’t use I give to others. I try to pay it forward.” When she shops she’s most appreciative when there is milk, eggs and bread.

Photo of Food Bank client Linda.

Linda makes sure others have what they need.


“This past year has been very difficult,” says Linda. “I mean, we aren’t starving, but times are tough and the food we get at the Food Bank helps so much.” Linda has noticed that she’s receiving more food when she visits the Food Bank and thinks that is a real positive. “You can tell the way some of the food is packaged that it is restaurant quality. We use what we can and then we make sure others have what they need,” she says. “We just want to make sure everyone is OK.”

Thinking about her experience at the Food Bank, Linda really appreciates the kindness she receives. “Everyone is so sweet. It’s a blessing,” she says. “Thank you, Colorado, in general for being so supportive.”

Photo of Food Bank client Patricia holding groceries.

Patricia can “make anything out of anything.”


“Because of COVID, I lost my job. It’s definitely been a tough year,” says Patricia. “The Food Bank has helped out a lot. We wouldn’t make it without you,” she says. Still, she remains hopeful for what the next year will bring.

Patricia loves to cook for her and her son. “I can make anything out of anything,” she says. “I don’t usually have money to go to the grocery store like I used to, so the food we get here is wonderful. It helps tremendously.”

Photo of a client's shopping cart of food.

The quality of food is always appreciated.

Food Bank Client

“I’ve wanted to say thank you for so long,” says a Food Bank client. “I’ve brought in thank you cards in the past because the food we get here gives us an opportunity to have money left over.”

Although it’s been a difficult year, she still sees a silver lining. “I’ve taken the time to learn new things; to be with my family. I’ve really learned a lot.”

As for the food she receives, she is most appreciative that it is fresh. “The quality of the food this past year has been amazing. So fresh,” she says. “The food is such a treat and everyone here is so loving and kind.”