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Food insecurity can be difficult to spot from a distance. When someone lacks consistent access to enough food to live an active, healthy life, they may cut meal sizes, or skip meals to try to stretch the food they have. In a worst case scenario, they may simply go hungry. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked. Tens of thousands of people in Larimer County are facing food insecurity. You may know some of them, and surprisingly, you may not even know they’re struggling.

Our clients have been generous enough to share with us how food insecurity has impacted them, as well as how assistance from the Food Bank and other resources helps them get enough to eat during difficult periods in their lives. Scroll down to hear their stories. 

"I'm always amazed at how many times we can sit down to dinner and I can say, Everything that we're eating came from the Food Bank. This whole meal came from the Food Bank."

- Shirley


Living on a fixed income and raising a young child, Shirley and her husband find it difficult to make ends meet. There are times, she said, that their family meals consist entirely of food from the Fort Collins Fresh Food Share.


Sarah appreciates that the Food Bank offers diapers and wipes for her infant daughter, and said that during a period of economic hardship, the food she receives has been critical.


As a diabetic, Carol needs a lot of protein in her diet. She’s thankful that the Food Bank provides her with meat that is outside of her price range at the grocery store.


After being unexpectedly laid off from work, William and his family were relying on savings to pay for food. The Food Bank was able to help. He wants those hesitant to come get food to know that each visit, for him, has been a positive experience. “Don’t let it be a mystery,” William said. “It’s just people helping people.”


Tracy used to be a Food Bank donor, but a severe car accident left her unable to work. Thankfully, when she needed food, she knew where to turn. She was nervous about asking for help, but quickly felt comfortable after she came in.

Want to share your own story? Feel free to reach out to Communications Coordinator Kelsey Hammon at khammon@foodbanklarimer.org. 

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