Become a Hunger-Relief Advocate!

The Food Bank for Larimer County and our partner agencies are on the front lines of hunger. We hear the stories. We understand the struggles. And we are committed to finding solutions. We want state and federal lawmakers to understand the issues facing the people we serve, and how they can help. Because our voices are stronger together, we coordinate our advocacy and public policy work through Feeding Colorado, the state association of the five Feeding America food banks serving all of Colorado and Wyoming.

How You Can Help

Reach out to your elected officials and let them know why you care about ending hunger. Find your legislators below.

Look up your Representative here and your State Legislators here.

Take the SNAP Challenge

snapCan you eat for just $4.17 a day?

The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Challenge encourages participants to get a sense of what life is like for millions of low-income Americans facing hunger. By accepting the SNAP Challenge, you’ll commit to eating all of your meals from a limited food budget comparable to that of a SNAP participant. The goal is to gain some understanding of the struggles vulnerable families in our communities face each day.

Are you up for the challenge? Here’s how it works:

  • Your food budget for the Challenge will be based on the average SNAP benefit, which is $4.17 per person per day.
  • You can use coupons while taking the Challenge. You can purchase your groceries all at once or more frequently.
  • Using your Challenge budget, decide on groceries to purchase and how much to put aside for food incidentals.
  • During the Challenge, do not eat food that you purchased prior to starting the challenge.
  • Avoid accepting free food during the Challenge. Keep track of receipts on food spending and take note of your experiences.
  • Invite others to join you in the Challenge.