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LOVELAND,  COLO — 2022 — The Food Bank for Larimer County acquired nearly 26,000 pounds of potatoes, onions, and honeydew melon, thanks to a Paycor Community Impact Fund grant.

The $5,000 helped the Food Bank cover the cost to harvest and transport the produce. The fresh fruit and vegetables were then distributed to clients through our Fresh Food Shares, located in Fort Collins and Loveland.

This has been a huge value to clients. Potatoes and onions are highly sought after in many clients’ shopping trips, and they’ve frequently shared with Food Bank staff that they love having a selection of fresh fruit to choose from.

Food Bank for Larimer County CEO Amy Pezzani emphasized that the grant helped to provide access to nutritious food — a basic human right.

“We were so excited to be recognized by Paycor with this grant and in doing so be able to amplify the available produce at our Fresh Food Shares.” Pezzani said. “Providing fresh fruit and vegetables is crucial to meeting our clients’ nutritional needs. We are thrilled to have Paycor as a partner in the fight against food insecurity.”

A Food Bank volunteer, who is also a Paycor employee, nominated the nonprofit for the grant in late 2021. This marked the first time that the Food Bank was a recipient of this Paycor grant.

About Paycor

At the heart of Paycor’s efforts as a company is a desire to give back to the local communities it serves. Through the creation of the Community Impact Fund, Paycor employees can nominate a nonprofit to award grant funding to.

The human resources system software company is headquartered in Ohio. The company has 22 office locations across the U.S., including in Fort Collins.


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